The Month of April 2019

My Friends,
“What an Immense Mystery of Love”
“We proclaim your Death, O Lord, and profess your Resurrection, until you come again”. That is the mystery of faith we affirm over and again when we celebrate the Lord’s Sacrifice. We proclaim the death of death and the victory of life that always only begins. It is the cause of our joy and the springboard of our hope in Eastertide and in all ways!
In his very first Easter Homily, after his election, as Pastor of the Universal Church, Pope Emeritus Benedict preached the words which follow. His wonder and amazement, “what an immense mystery of love”, ought to be a catalyst for us as we assimilate the meaning of the mystery of our redemption in Christ!
  “Christ is risen!
“During the great Vigil we relived the decisive and ever-present event of the Resurrection, the central mystery of the Christian faith. Innumerable Paschal Candles were lit in churches, to symbolize the light of Christ which has enlightened and continues to enlighten humanity, conquering the darkness of sin and death for ever. And today there re-echo powerfully the words which dumbfounded the women on the morning of the first day after the Sabbath, when they came to the tomb where Christ’s body, taken down in haste from the Cross, had been laid. Sad and disconsolate over the loss of their Master, they found the great stone rolled away, and when they entered they saw that his body was no longer there. As they stood there, uncertain and bewildered, two men in dazzling apparel surprised them, saying: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, he is risen.” Ever since that morning, these words have not ceased to resound throughout the universe as a proclamation of joy which spans the centuries unchanged and, at the same time, charged with infinite and ever new resonances.
“`He is not here . . . he is risen’. The heavenly messengers announce first and foremost that Jesus ‘is not here’ – the Son of God did not remain in the tomb because it was not possible for him to be held prisoner by death and the tomb could not hold on to `the living one’ who is the very source of life. When this extraordinary work had been accomplished, the lifeless body was suffused with the living breath of God and, as the walls of the tomb were shattered, he rose in glory. That is why the angels proclaim `he is not here’, he can no longer be found in the tomb. He made his pilgrim way on earth among us, he completed his journey in the tomb as all men do, but he conquered death and, in an absolutely new way, by an act of pure love, he opened the earth, threw it open towards Heaven.
“His resurrection becomes our resurrection, through Baptism which `incorporates’ us into him. Today, even in this modern age marked by anxiety and uncertainty, we relive the event of the Resurrection, which changed the face of our life and changed the history of humanity. From the risen Christ, all those who are still oppressed by chains of suffering and death look for hope, sometimes even without knowing it.
“May the Risen Lord grant that the strength of his life, peace and freedom be experienced everywhere. Today the words with which the Angel reassured the frightened hearts of the women on Easter morning are addressed to all: “Do not be afraid! He is not here; he is risen.’ Jesus is risen, and he gives us peace; he himself is peace. For this reason the Church repeats insistently:  `Christ is risen’. Let us not be afraid to open our hearts to him. His Gospel totally quenches the thirst for peace and happiness that is found in every human heart. Christ is now alive and he walks with us. What an immense mystery of love!
          “Christ is risen! Alleluia!”
Special Thanks
          In the name of all in this parish family, thank you to each of you who have had part, in any way, in our preparation for and then the celebration of Holy Week and EasterAll together, and, in the Holy Spirit, you each make an invaluable contribution to our celebration of the Mystery of our Redemption in Christ
A particular thanks goes to Don Massey, our Director of Sacred Music, Dan O’Brien and Gabbie Hill, our Principal Cantors, and to the members of the schola and the musicians who have enriched our prayer.  Also, thanks go to Nettie Moore, our Parish Services Coordinator, Mers Clifford, our Parish Office Manager, Michael Goar, our Maintenance Manager for his behind-the-scenes work in the church and on the parish campus and to Madeline Burns, our Sacristan for the care of the altar linens. A final thanks goes to John McGuire and Bill Clifford for their contributed service maintaining the parish plant.
          Thank you!  Thanks be to God
“You Did It to Me”
          The 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal in the Archdiocese of St. Louis is now underway.  All households-of-record should have received my personal letter of 3 April 2019, encouraging your generosity.  A return gift-card was included along with a return envelope addressed to the parish.  Your gift makes it possible to continue funding the “people programs” which benefit more than one-half-million children and adults, without respect to race or creed, in this metropolitan community.
receive vital services.  Abused women and families are provided safe environments.  The aged benefit from programs enabling them to live with dignity.  Education of children and youth is funded.  The homeless are given shelter and learn life-skills.  The hungry are fed.  The unborn, whose mothers choose life are provided loving care.  These are only some of the many who benefit from your generosity.
Our challenge goal this year is $38,000.00.  Your generosity surpassed, by 172%, the “formula goal” set for us by the Appeal leadership last year!  We were first over goal among the South City Deanery parishes of the Archdiocese! We have been challenged to meet this year, or surpass, the number of first time donors here.  Last year our goal was five and we numbered six. Our first time donor goal is three this year.
The Appeal weekends are April 27 & 28 and May 4 & 5 and May 11 & 12, and it concludes on Friday, May 31, 2019.  Please return your pledge card and gift by mail, or in the offering basket at Mass, or to me personally, before that date.
          The Annual Catholic Appeal each year is inspired by the Gospel words of Jesus, “whatsoever you did for these least ones, you did it for me”!  Be as generous to God, and the work of God, as God has been generous to you!  Your gift, then, will be the right gift!
          Our numbers are small, 49 households, but your hearts are great!  Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.  I am grateful!  Those who benefit from your generosity are, for sure, most grateful!

In Brief
         On April 28th, we will baptize Vera Kresyman, daughter of former parishioners Ken & Jessie Kresyman.
          Wednesday of this past week, we were informed by St. Louis County Circuit Court that former parishioner Helen Klunk has provided for us in her will.  Helen passed away last January in Jerseyville, IL.
          Eternal rest grant unto Helen, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Monsignor Delaney