The Month of June 2019

My Friends,

Solemnity of Corpus Christi
The following is a brief reflection on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi given by Saint Pope John Paul. It is a timely reminder of this awesome gift God has given us.

"I myself am the living bread come down from heaven! ".
“Let us turn our mind's eye directly to the mystery. Jesus calls himself ‘the Bread of life’, adding: ‘The bread I will give is my flesh, for the life of the world’.

“The mystery of our salvation! Christ - the only Lord yesterday, today and for ever - wanted His saving presence in the world and in history to be linked with the sacrament of the Eucharist. He wanted to make Himself the bread which is broken so that everyone can be nourished by His very life through participation in the sacrament of His Body and Blood.

“Like the disciples who listened in astonishment to his discourse at Capernaum, we also find this language hard to understand. We might sometimes be tempted to give it a reductive interpretation. But this would take us far from Christ, as was the case with those disciples who ‘after that no longer went about with him’.

“We would like to stay with Christ and for this reason we say to him with Peter: ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life’. With the same conviction as Peter, let us kneel today before the sacrament of the altar and renew our profession of faith in the real presence of Christ.

“This is the meaning of today's celebration. This is also the sense of the solemn procession which, as it does every year, will shortly make its way from this square to the Basilica of St Mary Major.

“With humble pride we will escort the Eucharistic Sacrament through the streets of the city, close by the buildings where people live, rejoice and suffer; between the shops and offices where they work each day. We will bring it into contact with our lives beset by a thousand dangers, weighed down by worries and sorrows, subject to the slow but inexorable wear and tear of time.
“As we escort Him, we will offer Him the tribute of our hymns and prayers: ‘Bone Pastor, panis vere ... True Bread, Good Shepherd, tend us", we will say to him with trust, ‘Jesus, of your love befriend us, / You refresh us, you defend us, / Your eternal
goodness send us. ‘You who all things can and know, / Who on earth such food bestow, / Grant us with your saints, though lowest, / Where the heavenly feast you show, / Fellow heirs and guests to be’. “Amen!”

“I trust in you”
The month of June, in the Catholic family of faith, traditionally has a singular focus on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Among all the many representations of this sacred image, honestly, my favorite is the sculpture above the south side altar in our sanctuary. I spend time in the church, often, studying/ reflecting on it.
It is unique among all others. The face of the Lord and His outstretched arms, beckon. They are almost irresistibly inviting and have power to draw all into a transforming experience of His boundless and merciful love. There is a popular invocation, especially among those fond of the Divine Mercy devotion: “Jesus I trust in you”.

In this month of June, allow yourself the luxury of some time spent reflecting on that image of the Sacred Heart here! No one has suggested more simply yet profoundly how we might do that than our Holy Father Francis. He has said of the Lord: “Remember always that, though you might be waiting for Him, He is first waiting for you! And when you are looking at Him, remember that He is first and always, looking at you”!

Fathers Day
On Fathers Day, June 16th, we celebrate all who have shared in creating the gift of life. Certainly we celebrate our own fathers and all who have been part in the transmission of life. We celebrate, too, those who have exercised a kind-of spiritual fatherhood through their example and influence and encouragement in our lives.
For each and all whom we celebrate, we pray that God give you grace and peace!

“You Did It to Me”
The 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal in the Archdiocese of St. Louis is now in its final stage. All households-of-record should have received my personal letter of 3 April 2019, encouraging your generosity. A return gift-card was included along with a return envelope addressed to the parish. Your gift makes it possible to continue funding the “people programs” which benefit more than one-half-million children and adults, without respect to race or creed, in this metropolitan community.
Children-at-risk receive vital services. Abused women and families are provided safe environments. The aged benefit from programs enabling them to live with dignity. Education of children and youth is funded. The homeless are given shelter and learn life-skills. The hungry are fed. The unborn, whose mothers choose life are provided loving care. These are only some of the many who benefit from your generosity.

Our challenge goal this year is $38,000.00. Your generosity surpassed, by 172%, the “formula goal” set for us by the Appeal leadership last year! We were first over goal among the South City Deanery parishes of the Archdiocese! We have been challenged to meet this year, or surpass, the number of first time donors here. Last year our goal was five and we numbered six. Our first time donor goal is three this year.

The official end of the Annual Catholic Appeal in the parish is now over; however, there is a grace period in which we are able to still send pledges into the ACA Office. Please return your pledge card and gift by mail, or in the offering basket at Mass, or
to me personally, as soon as possible.

The Annual Catholic Appeal each year is inspired by the Gospel words of Jesus, “whatsoever you did for these least ones, you did it for me”! Be as generous to God, and the work of God, as God has been generous to you! Your gift, then, will be the right gift!

Our numbers are small, 49 households, but your hearts are great! Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. I am grateful! Those who benefit from your generosity are, for sure, most grateful!

Monsignor Delaney