The Month of September 2019

My Friends,

“We Face Challenges”
Each year, as our nation observes Labor Day, the Bishops of the United States offer a reflection on the observance and themes particularly relevant – at this time – to our celebration of the dignity of work and our participation in furthering the divine work of creation. In part, the Bishops of the United States say this:

“We are a nation blessed with extraordinary natural and human resources. We have great economic capacity and creativity. We have extraordinary economic power and responsibility. And, we are free! We all know we face challenges. But when did our nation not have challenges? Where does it say that we should simply be recipients of the goods of this earth without working for them, without earning them? Creativity and initiative are as much essential elements of our lives today as they have been in the past. This freedom of creative initiative and energy needs to be tempered by a deep sense of responsibility for one another, for our planet, and for the future. The more we exercise self-control in our possession and use of the goods of this earth, sharing with others opportunities as well as products, the less need we will have for the kinds of regularity laws that become necessary when economic privateers and profit seeking pirates take over whole areas of our economy.

“We are a nation committed to both economic freedom and economic justice. But that cannot mean freedom for me and justice for me alone. The classic linking of the human person with the common good teaches us that we have to use our freedom and creativity not just for ourselves and for those we care for. It must extend to all those who are affected by our actions and by society’s goals. That means everybody in today’s globalized world.

“The world of work is different than in years past. Finance, production, trade, and labor are no longer local, regional, or national entities, but global. Let interdependence become the ‘solidarity’ of neighbor to neighbor in such a way that the subsidiary of free creativity builds up and offers new possibilities for all neighbors, especially the poor and the vulnerable.”

The Labor Day Holiday provides an occasion for rest and recreation as the summer season comes to a close. The Bishops of the United States suggest that Labor Day is, as well, an opportunity for reflection on the way we live together and on our responsibility to and for one another. God give you and yours a blessed holiday!

Each year every pastor, by Church norms, is required to present to the Archbishop what is formally titled the “status animarum” of the parish.  Among other facets of this “state of the parish” are statistics detailing, simply, the numbers reflecting various aspects of parish life.  Numbers, of course, do not convey the whole picture of the life of a parish family.  They reflect one dimension of each of the 184 parishes in the eleven counties of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

We have completed and submitted to Archbishop Carlson the “status animarum” for the parish family of the Pro Cathedral of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist.  With respect to “numbers” the following presents a snapshot of “us”!  As of 30 June 2019, there are 60 households in the parish with a total of 107 persons.  In the last fiscal year, from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, there were eight infant Baptisms.  There were no adult Baptisms but one Profession of Faith. There was one First Communion and one Confirmation.  During the last year there were three marriages celebrated at St. John’s.  And we offered here three Funeral Masses.

Welcome News
Recently I received welcome news from the Archdiocesan Leadership of the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal.  Our goal for the 2019 Appeal was $38,000.  Your gifts, as of the formal conclusion of the Appeal, total $39,949.  We have, then, again surpassed our goal!

Our new donor goal was three.  We numbered six first-time donors.

I am grateful to you!  The Archbishop & Appeal Leadership are grateful!  Most importantly, the 1/2 million children & adults who benefit from the “people programs” funded by the Annual Catholic Appeal, without regard to race or creed, are most grateful.

Once more you demonstrate that our numbers are small but your hearts are great!
Thank you!  Thanks be to God!

In Brief
Robby Dodson, a long time parishioner has entered the Sacred Heart Seminary in Wisconsin.  He is studying to be a priest for the Diocese of Belleville.  We pray that God give him Grace and Peace.

We welcome Brother Jim Siwicki, SJ to the parish.  Brother Siwicki just moved to St. Louis from California and is in special studies at St. Louis University.

We also welcome Sister Ann Gregory Bischof, O.P. to the parish.
          We recently received an email from the Duggan Family.  They send their greetings and love to the parish.

Monsignor Delaney